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HUGE OUTDOOR ARENA- Suitable for jump courses, barrel racing, etc.

60' ROUND PEN & 75' BREAKING PEN- Perfect for starting young horses.

TRAILS GALORE- Ride directly from Estrella to Mt Clemens, Lt Murray game reserve and miles of back country riding.

Boarding Services

Full Care Stall &Paddock

$260.00/ month

Full care stall/paddock in spacious 12x12' stalls

includes the following services:

  • Daily pasture turnout, weather permitting (7 days a week).

  • 2 feedings daily of export quality local mix hay. 
  • Grain & supplements fed if provided by owner- no additional cost.
  • Blanketing, flyspray, flymasking included.
  • 1-2 stall cleanings a day.
  • Automatic Nelson waterers in stalls.

Full Care


$205 month

Full care pasture in spacious fields (soft rope electric, no wire!) includes the following services:

  • Periodic rotation from grass to drylot fields.
  • 2 feedings daily of export quality local mix hay 
  • Grain fed if provided by owner- no additional cost.
  • Blanketing, flyspray, flymasking included.
  • Periodic harrow cleaning of field.
  • 200 gallon water troughs.

Expectant Mare Care

price varies,

call for quote

Mare care for expectant moms and post foaling care features the following services:

Huge bedded foaling stall w/ adjoining oversize paddock.
  • Available heat lamps/video capability.
  • 2 feedings daily of export quality local mix hay. 
  • Grain fed if provided by owner- no additional cost.
  • Blanketing, flyspray, flymasking as needed.
  • Foal watch and 24/7 care for baby and mom post-birth.


The Estrella Team

Our staff strives to empower your equine needs.  Call for training & lesson prices.

Jennifer Sanchez


J ennifer brings over 25 years of horse starting, finishing, and show expertise to the farm.  Training horses are worked with a balanced and gentle-handed approach, with a show-standard finish to the overall picture of horse and rider.  Specializing in gaited horses, huntseat, trail, colt starting, and western pleasure.  Breed specific training and junior riders are a favorite! 

Adult and Child lessons available. 

Johnny Minyard

Owner/Farm Manager

Johnny is Estrella's co-owner and farm manager.  Our lifeline and go-to person for all farm related issues!


Dog Sitting/ Off-site Farm Care

We feature 24/7 dog sitting services in a home environment...  Your pup will receive the one-on-one care that our dogs love and cherish.  Guest dogs are treated as one of the family, and are carefully monitored during their stay!  We feature dog-safe areas for play, indoor and outdoor.  We enjoy many returning happy clients who gladly provide references. 

Farm care is also available, for home-based service needs.  We will care for your livestock at your home, while you are away.  Peace of mind and less hassle on your friends and neighbors!  Call for quote.

Dog Sitting R ates: $22 a night/$27 a night (dogs under 1 year)

Add $5.00 a night for holiday stays.

Dog Daycare (9-5pm) $20 a day/ $25 a day (dogs under 1 year)

Call to RSVP your dogs' stay!  We generally fill up well in advance for holidays.

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